Favorite Pins this Week

I’ve decided to share one favorite pin of each board this week.
I hope you enjoy them :)
Favorite quote of the week:
(From my board: It Has Been Said)
Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
So true!
Favorite Hooping Photo of the week:
(From my board: Hooping)
Source: hoopcity.ca via Miss Angie on Pinterest
This photo reminds me of what I love about Hooping.  I need to get back to it.
Favorite pin for Home Decorating
(From my board: Dream Home Sweet Dream Home)
Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
I seriously can’t wait to have a laundry room.
Favorite Furniture pin:
(From my board: Dream Home: Furniture)
Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
I really want this couch, but in Teal.
Favorite Gardening pin:
(From my board: Dreaming of a Garden)
Wagon wheel herb garden.  Awesome!
Favorite Crafty Pin:
(From my board: One Day I’ll Make This)
DIY Nail Polish shelves.  Fantastic!
Favorite Crochet pin:
(From my board: In Stitches)
Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
Lovely rug, must try this.
Favorite travel photo:
(From my board: Wanderlust)
I miss the beach!
Favorite animal photo:
(From my board: Too Cute)
Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
Doesn’t that make you want a Chihuahua?
Favorite laugh:
(From my album: Hilarity Ensues)
Hahaha, they’re both HOT!
Favorite Recipe:
(From my board: Recipes)
Hey I made that! :) 
Favorite fashion photo:
(From my board: Fashion Forward)
Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
Favorite product:
(From my board: Products I Love)
Solar chargers for your phone or iPod! Awesome!
Favorite Nerdy Pin:
(From the board: I’m a Nerd)
Source: fanboy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
I must find a way to get a DVD case like this!
Favorite Eye Candy:
(From the board: Eye Candy)
Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
I’m on a huge Joel Mchale kick.  He’s a hottie.
Favorite Nail Polish pin:
Doctor Who Nails for the win!!!
Favorite Hair Pin:
(From my board: Hair, Makeup, and Nails-Oh My!)
I wish I had enough guts to go that color.
Favorite causes pin:
(From my board: Adoptable Loves)
Please share this pin if you can.
Even if you can’t take in a foster, someone you know may be able to.
Fostering saves lives, and we help pay you!
If you’re in Utah, apply to be a foster HERE.
Favorite Tattoo:
(From my board: Ink Fever)

Such a great giraffe with a fantastic message!
Favorite Website this week:
(From my board: Websites & Articles I ♥)
Source: badrap.org via Miss Angie on Pinterest
Badrap.org is dedicated to helping the educate the public about Pit Bulls and their true nature.  Education, training, information for adopters, etc.  It’s so great!
Favorite Organizational tip:
(From my board: Organization)
Cleaning stove burners!  This tip will work for other things too!
Favorite Wishlist Item:
(From my board: Wishlist)
Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest
I am debating buying it… Since the one I was going to buy she’s sold and I’m worried it’ll go away. I want it so bad!  What the hell, might as well buy it…

Angie is a single lady who just bought her first home in a cute neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. She works full time, goes to school part time, and manages three (soon to be four) blogs. In her free time she enjoys hosting parties, decorating, creating art, crafting, reading, writing, good coffee, good wine and beer, and trying new things.
  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/10213055916162799647 becca

    Love that first pin will have to go repin

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/13078149456154457103 Isha Ethera

    I love it, good stuff love!
    Miss you! hope your well :)
    I have been away for so long. I love what you have done with the place :) your bloggyness and shop, and fun tid bits! So much good stuff!

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/06054773556962984796 jessica

    ok that hair color is beautiful!

    and if you could make me that rug i would love it! lol. and i need those nail polish shelves for my bathroom asap.

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/13146175642528437587 Christianna

    These are great pins! That tat is too cute!

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/02809544604769858045 t
  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/06972093977468313631 Karen Peterson

    Sorry. I repinned something you pinned and then got distracted by shiny stuff on Pinterest.

    I LOVE that Tardis DVD display. It's awesome. And those solar chargers? Genius!