Magical Rainbow Unicorn Powers

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty*
This post has slightly adult content, so don’t continue if you have an issue with that.

                   Source: via Cristina on Pinterest

Me: Hey Boogie, you know gay men die at 30 right?
Simon LaBuff: Why am I still alive?
Simon LaBuff: <— OLD!
Simon LaBuff: OMG I’m the oldest one of the triforce!
Me: You’re the magic gay.
Simon LaBuff: and the wisest…
Simon LaBuff: lol Kidding!
Me: You have magical rainbow unicorn powers.
Me: They keep you alive after the gay death.
Me: Kind of like a gay zombie.
Simon LaBuff: I command the legions of unicorns, Pegasus, and My Little Ponies against the forces of evil! Muahahahaha! 
Simon LaBuff: I command them with the magic of my Nimbus 3000! 
Me: Your magic Nimbus 3000 wouldn’t happen to be kept in your pants would it?
Simon LaBuff: lol no it’s a broomstick.
Me: A broomstick in your pants?
Simon LaBuff: My “other” nimbus is Herman the One Eyed German
Simon LaBuff: Also known as The Chopper!
Me: I’d be afraid if someone was coming at me with something called “The Chopper”
Simon LaBuff:  Hmm… Note to self-need better penis name.
Me: Um, yeah.
Simon LaBuff: I refer to J-dizzle’s as Dr. Awesome.
Gayvid: That was TMI to the max, and deliciously awesome.
Gayvid: And uncomfortable at the same time.
Simon LaBuff:  Why?
Simon LaBuff: Oh the penis.
Simon LaBuff: References!
Simon LaBuff: Never say “Oh the penis” without an ending on that sentence.
Gayvid: Yeah, I love thinking of men as objects, but I never objectify my friends.
Gayvid: So that was a little odd for me.
Simon LaBuff: It’s all in good humor.
Simon LaBuff: Angie and I are all live and unsensored.
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  • becca

    that has got to be the single best conversation I've been privy to in a long time thank you for sharing and making my night

  • Cerise

    Ha! So many giggles. Thanks for that.

  • Jo-Anne Meadows

    Magical Rainbow Unicorns are awesome just like this conversation…………lol