Confessing on the Snowpocolypse, Christmas, and More!

I confess that it has been snowing like crazy here. Christmas Eve I woke up to rain in Salt Lake City, and then driving 40 minutes to work I hit a massive blizzard just at the point of the mountain (a pass over the freeway for you non-Utahns) and then it snowed big lovely snowflakes all day at work.  Our fountain was all frozen over too.

Frozen Fountain in Pleasant Grove UtahSnow in Pleasant Grove Utah

Yesterday I came to work and nothing had been plowed, shoveled, or salted… So all the roads were full of snow, it was still a blizzard in Utah County and when trying to turn into work I slid right on by.  I was shocked they didn’t plow the parking lot or salt/shovel the sidewalks-seems like a liability to me… Today it is still snowing and my street at home has not been plowed (which is really pretty.

Snow in Salt Lake City, UtahSnow in Salt Lake City, Utah

I confess that I understand now why people drink to get through the holidays.  I went down to my parent’s house on Christmas and it goes about like most Holidays go.  We had a really good time during dinner and hanging out, then my dad informs me that my brother and SIL don’t want to come to Christmas at all because I was sick last week and they’re worried they’ll get it-so I get upset over that and because I”m upset my dad yells and threatens to burn down the Christmas tree if my mom and I don’t stop talking about it.  We keep talking about it and he storms out of the room, so I start crying and put on my coat to leave until my mom begs me to stay.  I sit down, drink a couple of beers, and the rest of the holiday is like none of it ever happened.

My family dog, TannerMy cat Gizmo, trying to drink Bud LightDog, Tanner, and cat, Gizmo begging for food
1. Tanner riding with me in the car.  2. Gizmo trying to steal my beer. 3. Tanner and Gizmo begging for food on Christmas eve.

I confess that we went and visited my grandparents that I only see about once a year.  It was nice to catch up with them-and their Dachshunds are so cute! 
My grandmother and her Double Dapple Dachshund AllieSnow in Salem Utah
1. My grandmother with Ali-a double/triple dapple Dachshund. 2. The view from their amazing house.

I confess that Jessica is an amazing swap partner and I loved that we were paired up for the 12 Days of Christmas swap! Check out what she got me HERE.
I confess that I’m dying to start some crafting and jewelry making again.  The roommate got me a real soldering gun and solder for me to make higher quality stuff-and I want to try it out!  He’s so great! 
I confess that I got some wonderful gifts from friends and family.  My favorite by far was a little Celtic Knot Moon necklace and matching earrings my momma gave me-she really knows me! My brother and SIL gave me an adorable little elephant necklace and melty star earrings that I’m in love with… My sister totally spoiled me with jewelry and a big old box of bath and body pampering stuff!  Ryan (the youngest) gave me a little turtle that he said “I wanted to give you something so pointless that you look at it in 5 years and think ‘yep-Ryan'” lol! 
Celtic Moon NecklaceElephant Necklace and Star Earrings
I confess that the European technicians that work for my company are basically useless-and in particular one is now on my “I hope you get fired” list for being a total beeyotch.  A customer was asking for her in particular (since they’d been working together and he was disconnected) and she refused to take their chat or give me any information on what the issue was so I could help him.  So she’s dead to me.

What do you have to confess?


Angie is a single lady who just bought her first home in a cute neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. She works full time, goes to school part time, and manages three (soon to be four) blogs. In her free time she enjoys hosting parties, decorating, creating art, crafting, reading, writing, good coffee, good wine and beer, and trying new things.
  • Beth W

    I'm glad you were safe through the snow and blizzard! Yikes. :(

    Your brother and SIL are idiots, clearly- at Christmas, family is the most important thing, and it's Winter, so you basically have to plan on being sick at some point. I'm sorry there was so much drama. Next year, you can come have Christmas with us! 😉

    I can't wait to see what jewelry you make! I don't even know how to use a soldering gun, but they sound fantastic (like dremels). 😀

  • bill lisleman

    Your Christmas story while sad and not something to wish on anyone does confirm a belief I have about events like holidays and probably weddings. These event can be so emotional. Too often we have ideals that are not met. I don't have any suggestion other than remembering that shit happens and it can happen during family events. thanks for sharing.

  • jen @ grown in southern ground

    love the elephant necklace!

  • Jo-Anne Meadows

    Blizzards are something I have only seen on telly, since it doesn't snow here……now that elephant necklace is very nice…….I like…….