Confessions, Obsessions, & Tragedy

I Confess… 

This week has been pretty fail when it comes to my health goals.  I have not drank enough water, have eaten poorly, and only worked out once.  But on the upside I still lost 0.4lbs which brings my total weight loss to 8lbs in 3 weeks.  To meet my January Goal I need to lose 2lbs in the next 6 days! 
I Confess…
I have an unhealthy scarf addiction.  I left my hot pink scarf in Wendover so I went to Target to replace it and came home with a new orange one too!  I love it! 
The orange paisley scarf I bought from Target
I Confess…
The weather has been cold and crappy here.  The inversion is so bad you can’t even see the mountains and I can’t breathe hardly at all.  Yesterday morning there was a huge ice storm (they called it Freezing Rain-apparently we’ve only had 10 instances of Freezing Rain since the 1940) that caused 128 accidents.  The department of transportation asked people not to travel because they didn’t have enough police officers to respond to all of the accidents.
I personally passed at least 15 cars that were flipped the wrong way on the freeway, and never got above 40 on my trip to work.  I also had to scrape my windshield three times because it instantly froze up the minute the rain hit it.  Gross.
24 Degrees and Hazey here in UtahSo Foggy I can't see the other building

I Confess…
I have not been able to get Kel and Garrett out of my mind this week.  They were two sweet people who fostered for my rescue and I met in October, who died in a tragic accident this weekend.  An accident that killed the young engaged couple, their unborn child, and the 5 dogs in the car with them. I think I will dedicate a full post to them this weekend-but in the meantime if you’d like to read more about it or if you can donate (any little bit helps) to the fund for funeral expenses you can do so here.

I Confess…
I really don’t want to end on a sad note, so here’s a funny picture!

Funny Penguin

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg
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  • MiMi

    That is horrible. :(

    The penguin thing…that kills me. HILARIOUS. Still laughing at it this morning after seeing it on your feed last night. LOL

  • Aubrey S.

    Okay, I'm challenging you! I have a 24 oz. water bottle that I keep on my desk at work. I try to drink on re-fill in the morning and one after lunch before I leave.

    I'm challenging you to do at least that every work day next week. There will get you at least 48 oz…outside of hydration when working out. Do it! =)

    I'm really sorry about your friends from the rescue program. It's such a sad story. I'll be praying for their families.

    Love the penguin pic. So cute.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous (not too cold) weekend.


    Okay the penguins are indeed too cute!
    Our weather stinks too. Not a fan of cold or snow.

  • Brenna

    I am addicted to scarves as well and orange is my fav color ever- might have to hit up Target!

  • Kenzie Smith

    I've been horrible with my health goals as well, I am hoping that I can pick up the pace a little bit and quit dawdling.
    That is so sad to hear about Kel and Garrett :(

  • VandyJ

    My health goals right now are mostly focused on eating well. Exercising will have to wait until I can run in the morning again. I just have little or no motivation to exercise.

  • Myya

    My friend Kym is a scarf whore, she is ALWAYS wearing one. Hey, if you can rock it, do it!

    So sorry about your friends, what an awful tragedy.

  • Ducky


    The accident is so tragic. Life is so vulnerable….sometimes the reality of that steals all my breath and gives me tunnel vision. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Beth W

    Freezing rain is so, so dangerous! It hits the middle of WA every other winter or so…hurts to breathe, looks sparkly, and a killer for drivers. Stay safe!!!!

  • Connie

    I love that scarf. I hope my Target has one!

    I struggled with my fitness goals this week too. I'm hoping for a better week.