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Hello lovely peoples!  If you’re anything like me, you’re always out there looking for new blogs to read or shops to spend your money in (because we all know it burns a whole in your pocket-errrr that plastic card that holds all that magic money does anyway!), so today I’m happy to introduce you to my sponsors, which I carefully choose to accept because I love them or their products! :)

Isabelle Thornton Le Chateau des Fleurs

Le Chateau des Fleurs
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Isabelle is a fellow Utahn, but she’s not originally from here-she was born and raised in Paris, France! That is why she goes by the nickname “Frenchy” and she is always hosting awesome French inspired linky parties!

Not only does this genius lady have a wildly successful blog, but she also wrote a book called A True Binky Story: The Babies in Heaven Need Them.  You can buy it on Amazon for only $1.99 and it’s so cute! She also took all the photos herself!

She also created a fun iPhone photo editing app called Bonbon Pic which allows you to do fun things with your pictures inspired by her designs! So cute!

Want to know more about her? Check out: It’s a Circus Birthday Party, Knit Fashion Mixing Patterns, and Tate Cosmetics Review and Giveaway (ends 3/2)

Aubree is the bees-knees, as I’ve probably told you before.  This girl is one of the best bloggy buddies I have-and I feel so lucky to know her!  Aside from having great advice, this girl is my go-to for wine, coffee, beer, and shoe knowledge! You all know I love all of those things (just not all together) and so I love hearing about new finds!
Aubrey hosts a ton of linky parties, including Wino Wednesday, Friday Confessional, Shoe Lust Saturday, and she’s my co-host for The Weekly Round up where we feature other bloggers.  It was totally her brain child, and I’m so grateful for it!
Want to  know more about her?  Check out: Hey Girl…It’s a Party, First Thing’s First, and Liebster Award.

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Ashlie Blake is one of my favorite people ever.  She is a sweet and talented kindred spirit who lives to paint and express herself daily-I envy her dedication and her ability to form a few colors into something so awe-inducing! Her work has so much soul, and her colors and creations are vibrant and beautiful!  
When it comes to art, or even life in general, I really look up to this amazing woman! She has an amazing family, a dedication to making beautiful things, and she’s an incredibly deep thinker who inspires me in so many ways!
If you want to read a blog that is thought provoking and soul-soothing, Painting Bliss is definitely one of those reads.  Plus you get to see all of the lovely watercolor concoctions she comes up with, and read the amazing words she adds to them.
Danielle is a full-time college student who enjoys getting her creative juices flowing by listening to John Mayer while browsing Pinterest.  This girl is also an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan (like me! Yay!) and a chocolate and nail polish addict. She’s also super creative and crafty, as well as a little artsy-plus she writes some awesome blog posts!   She’s incredibly sweet, and always has a kind word to say!
Did I say Artsy?  Oh yeah, shall I prove it?  Check out her shop which is full of fun prints and printables.
Want to learn more from Danielle? Check out these awesome posts: DIY Gallery Wall, How to Style Jeggings, and DIY Polka Dot Kate Spade Inspired Mug.
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Megan is a sweet blogger who’s blog is all about how she “shapes up” her life in all areas.  She loves to write about family, fashion, fitness, home decorating, musical theatre, travel, and her bucket list.  She lives and blogs in Phoenix with her husband, two kids (Carter who’s 2, and Vanessa who’s 4) and she’s expecting another little boy in July 2013!
Megan’s store My Cents of Style is having a HUGE sale! Take 20% off anything by using the code 20OFF0512!
Leeann is a very fashionable girl on the go in Souther California. This hot chic blogs about travel (which she does often), hot men (she even used to host a Man Candy Monday linkup!), food, and life.  She also goes to really fun events and since she’s in Southern California sometimes they involve her meeting awesome celebrities. It’s so much fun to read through her blog and live vicariously through her! She has such a glamorous life, and she’s so fun to read! 
You should also consider linking up with Join the Gossip on Mondays for the Monday Morning Gossip link-up!
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Becca is a fun loving blogger who loves to write (if you don’t believe me go check out some of her Haikus!) and review things.  She’s also one of the best bloggy friends and always makes an effort to go around and leave a thoughtful comment on your blog, or mention you on hers.  She often has some great giveaways too, so if you follow her your likely to win something awesome!

Check out: Shortcut to Prosperity by Mark Hopkins, her Weigh-in Wednesday linky, and The Liebster Award.

Brighton is a mom and wife in her thirties.  She likes photography, reading, making cupcakes, and she graduated college as an English major.  Her blog posts are always well written, she has great taste in the things she likes and posts about, and if you want to find a new book her blog is a great place to go! 
Check out: Books You’d Like to See as Movies, Project Life and Sweet Treats, and the gorgeous photos in her The Simple Things posts.

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Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway over at Karla Uphoff Fine Art! You could win a kitchenaid mixer!

Angie is a single lady who just bought her first home in a cute neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. She works full time, goes to school part time, and manages three (soon to be four) blogs. In her free time she enjoys hosting parties, decorating, creating art, crafting, reading, writing, good coffee, good wine and beer, and trying new things.
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