Two AMAZING Giveaways-$60 and $200!

My sweet little healthy living blog just turned 2, so we’re celebrating in both places today! :)
Health NOT to Health NUT Blogiversary Giveaway
This giveaway is possible due to these AMAZING bloggers who donated:
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With a big special thanks to Everyday Life, My Journey to Happiness, and Cloud Nine Designs for donating to the private sponsor-only giveaway.
So without further ado, enter to your hearts content! 
Giveaway is open worldwide, and ends on 5/28/13.
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Also, while you’re at it-I’m a part of this awesome Tiffany & Co Giveaway:

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Angie is a single lady who just bought her first home in a cute neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. She works full time, goes to school part time, and manages three (soon to be four) blogs. In her free time she enjoys hosting parties, decorating, creating art, crafting, reading, writing, good coffee, good wine and beer, and trying new things.
  • C.C.Shoshanah

    I love Jillian Michaels' workout videos!

  • Danielle Villano

    Congratulations on the success of your blog! :) I'm a huge fan of Zumba workouts!


  • Vaurien
  • Michael

    Yoga is one of my favorite activities, and using the elliptical.

  • suburban prep

    I am loving pomegranate seeds juice anythings. It is one of the best foods there for you and I love the seeds like candy. Instead of the "wrong" food I will eat pomegranate seeds.

  • suburban prep

    I love the Tiffany Twist knot earrings. I have been in love with these earrings for over 20 yrs. I bought them as a special gift for a sister and I wish that I had had enough money at the time for a pair for myself.

  • Rachael

    I love bananas and yogurt:)

  • Shannon Maxim

    I love Tai-Bo. It's a lot of fun and great stress relief

  • calic

    I'm really happy that avocado is so healthy, because it's my favourite food. 😀

  • Manda Rave

    I love the 30 day shred videos! awesome giveaways :)

  • Rena m

    For some odd reason I love doing planks… and dance! And fruit are my kind of dessert. =)

  • Marta K

    Is the Tiffany & Co Gift Card open to international followers? Thank you! :)

  • Randi

    Hmmm…I'm not really sure my favorite health related thing- perhaps healthy smoothies? :)

  • Sara

    I play DanceDanceRevolution for fifteen-thirty minutes three days a week for exercise. 😀

  • stefanie gladden

    I love crossfit, and swimming!!

    steph coupns

  • Beth W

    Congrats on 2 years! I love PINK, the workout program and the diet program, which re-programmed by body pretty successfully. If I had stuck with it for another 6 months, I'd probably be fantastically fit. :)

  • Beth W

    From Tiffany's….I just want a box. 😉
    Also, the Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant:

  • Jessica Peters

    I love to swim! :)

  • Justine B

    I love Kale salads with lemon dressing! So so tasty!

  • Aubrey S.

    This is easy. I love taking DZR jujitsu. It's a great workout. I'm stronger and slimmer. And it's a great stress reliever.

  • Aubrey S.

    If I won the Tiffany's giveaway, I think I would treat myself to a new bracelet or ring.

  • Leeann @ Join the Gossip

    Congrats on two years!!

  • Alyson

    I have been loving Kale a lot recently!

  • Kenzie Smith

    Right now I am loving fruit infused water and jogging! I just pre-registered for a the color vibe 5k 😀

  • becca

    wow this is awesome

  • Allie Gunter

    If I won the Tiffany's gift card, I'd get a new ring or bracelet.
    Thanks for the great giveaway! Newest follower here :)


  • Allie Gunter

    My favorite healthy thing is my vegetarian diet. I have been a veggie for over 10 years, and I still couldn't be happier with my decision :)


  • Jolene

    WOW!! What a give away! I love Pink.

    Congratulations on your blog birthday!

    • Jolene

      Let me say… I love PINK's energy and workouts but mine is more just the plain ol' treadmill due to my knees. I am trying and as of today lost 31 pounds since October.

      From Tiffany's I love the charm bracelets.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I like to take long walks outside.

  • MANDY83

    I love doing Zumba. Its so much fun and its different everytime so i love it!

    Amanda Sakovitz on rafflecoper

    love the giveaway

  • Amber Dover

    I love SQUATS/LUNGES. They are awful but SO SO EFFECTIVE!

  • Holly Higgins

    I love rollerblading!

  • Lorna England

    Return to Tiffany™ Heart Bracelet would be my choice!

  • stephland3

    I love doing p90x!

  • stephland3

    I would choose the bead bracelet in sterling silver if I won:)

  • creativestreets

    I love to run

  • The Fam

    Coconut oil!

  • luchessa

    What an amazing idea, Tiffany & Co. Girls you rock!
    I like their Tiffany Signature™ Square Sunglasses – very stylish & great for summer.
    Xoxo, Luchessa.

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    The healthy thing I love? Vegetables! I just wish I had a cook to cut them up and grill them for me, LOL!! :)

  • Jessica Schank Snow

    My favorite healthy thing to eat is Watermelon.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • Jessica Schank Snow

    I love the Paloma Picasso® Loving Heart pendant.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • Naama A

    I love taking dance classes, so much fun!

  • Cody Doll

    My favorite health thing is my special lactose free blue diamond almond milk! Not only is it easy on me and my brother tummy but it taste better then milk (and better for you too).

    As for Tiffany, Locks vintage heart.

  • Katherine Hahn

    My favorite healthy activity is riding my bicycle!

  • Isla

    I just started Zumba and I like it!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I love reading my Kindle while I walk on the treadmill.

  • livingbelowtheclouds

    I love doing really long walks

    Joana Bento

  • stella maria

    love pilates!! it changed my life

  • Despina

    I love long walks by the beach and swimming

  • Marissa A

    I really love Pilates :)

  • Lea Jerančič

    I love doing Body Pump :)

  • Karrie Smith

    Drinking water!

  • Lois

    Hi! :) I love how the few fruits and veggies that I do love and eat are mostly zero points, so I can eat those til my heart's content! :)


  • Some Lucky Dog

    I love that blueberries are a super food!

    CINDY B on rafflecopter

  • BlackAsphodel

    I drink a lot of water and tea.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • stacey dempsey

    I go to an Aquat Fit class at our local pool and it is so much fun and afterwards I get in the hot tub which feels so good

  • dorcontest

    Health thing that I love is my infrared saunas.


  • Lilly

    I really like fruits and yogurt.
    Thanks for the giveaway!