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I Confess…
I’ve been so into learning more about different makeup lately.  I’ve fallen in love with BB Cream, and after the NAKED palette giveway the other day I decided I needed some neutrals in my life.  I wasn’t keen on spending $50 on eyeshadow though, so I picked up The Comfort Palette from Wet ‘n’ Wild (who is animal friendly in case you didn’t know) and strangely stumbled across a review of it by Kristen at Your Beauty Fix did the next day!  After seeing her opinions I tried it out today, and I really like it! 

Miss Angie @ My So-Called Chaos
I Confess…
Tinted lip balms are also an obsession lately.  I seriously saw ads in my Cosmo for the new Covergirl Lip Smoochies and the new Baby Lips (which I love) that are supposed to be brighter.  So I went to the store and bought one of each to try.  I picked up Covergirl Lip Smoochies #Text Me and Baby Lips Electro Berry Bomb.  To be honest, I didn’t love the Berry Bomb because it didn’t live up to the “electro” (which to me indicates bright!), but I really loved how bright #Text Me was! I’m wearing that one in the second picture, disregard the makeup-less/sweatiness, it was a hot day lol.
Tinted Lip BalmLip Smoochies #Text Me
I Confess…
I really wish I knew what was up with my damn skin.  You can kind of see in the photos above, my cheeks have all of these little red bumps on them… No matter what I do I can’t get rid of them.  Guess it’s time to find a good dermatologist for professional help.

I Confess…
I LOVE my manicure this week.  I painted my nails Sunday night with Aly’s Dream Polish Salmon Holo and here it is 5 days later and not one chip.  Seriously, there’s not even wearing on the edges or anything.  Plus, it’s such a lovely shade.

Aly's Dream Polish Salmon Holo SwatchAly's Dream Polish Salmon Holo Swatch
I just took the second photo a few minutes ago…
I Confess…
I went to the mall last night for an eyebrow appointment at Aveda and then a genius bar appointment at Apple since the button on my phone wasn’t working properly.  I also figured I’d buy a new bra since I’m down to one and I don’t dare go to Seattle next week with only one bra… 2 and a half hours at the mall later I have a new phone (they swapped them out since mine wasn’t fixable) a new iphone case (shown below), Victoria Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Body Spray, Eue de Toilette, and Bronzing Lotion (and they threw in a free water bottle with a little stuffed dog), and two bras from Torrid.  I guess I felt like spending money.
Marvel XMen iPhone 5 CaseVictoria Secret Pink Warm & Cozy
I did resist buying Benefit Cosmetics’ World Famous Nudes: Easiest Nudes Ever, but got home and regretted not getting them.  I think I’m putting this palette on my to-buy list for when I feel like it’s ok to drop $30 on eyeshadow…  They’re so pretty!

I Confess…
The guy helping me at the Apple store was really really hot.  He was teasing me a lot and since I’d already been in the mall an hour at that point (and the mall has a way of sucking the humor out of me) I just couldn’t roll with it.  LOL-I’m sure I came off kind of bitchy, but they did make me wait a while…

I Confess…
I cannot wait for vacation next week. Seriously!  Time needs to hurry up!

I Confess…
I need to get my new camera ordered fast since I’m leaving next Thursday! Since I’ve decided to not get a DSLR at this time and just update my point and shoot, I’ve narrowed it down to the Canon ELPH 110 HS 16.1mp camera-but what color should I get?  Help me decide!  My old one was black…

xoxo Miss Angie

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  • Angel

    I love Wet and Wild eye shadows! I think they are urban decay quality at least! I love the polish you are wearing so cute!

  • Life of a Little Songbird

    Try NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm!! Its my fave!

  • Ricki Jill Treleaven

    The blue camera matches your blog! 😀

    Try washing your face with nothing but Cetaphil for a few days. I had the same thing on my face, and it was sensitive skin. My dermatologist also made me switch to All Free and Clear because there's no oil in it.

    (Maybe I've saved you a trip to your dermatologist!)


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  • Ducky

    I confess I'm super happy to have found an awesome wealth of info on beauty products!

  • cayli johnson

    I love my baby lips! I need to try the smoochies! Thank you for linking up with us at the collective hop. Following you on all your sites hope you follow me on mine I would love to have ya!

  • Rhea D

    i've always wanted to try bb cream… i've heard great things about it. for now i am still using my laura mercier silk creme foundation…although i've head bb cream isn't really "foundation."

    have a great weekend!

    rhea @

  • Jo-Anne Meadows

    I have only tried BB cream once but I don't really know what it is…….lol I like to wear make up when I go out but not at home…..

  • Aubrey S.

    I'd go for the red camera, but that's my favorite color. I know the Urban Decay palette is expensive, but if you do decide to spurge, you'll love it. I almost don't use any other shadows anymore.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a great day!