Reconnecting, Car-Burgled, & Focusing on Happy

This weekend started out looking like it would be uneventful, but ended up being quite the opposite.  My roommate was headed up to his mom’s for the weekend, so I was trying to decide whether to enjoy some alone time in my apartment or find people to do stuff with.  Friday night was easy-I was feeling a bit bummed about friends who are disappearing and/or ignoring me, so when I got the text from David saying he was at the Bayou having dinner and a beer and would like company I went.  It ended up just being the two of us, but it was fun to talk, enjoy a beer, and have yummy Cajun food.

After trying to sift through my resentment about friends disappearing and ignoring my texts, I decided that it was time to forget about those friendships, try to be happy without them, and try reconnecting with some other friends I don’t see as often.  I want to be a better friend to those who don’t disappear or make me feel crappy-so I decided to head up to Kristina’s for Saturday night.

When I went to head to my car Saturday I found I’d been car-burgled.   I’d apparently forgotten to lock the door and someone had gone in and torn everything out of the glove box (papers scattered all over the car) and the art supplies I’d bought the day before.  Big criminals-they made away with about $30 in watercolor paper and brushes, a pocket knife, and three dollar bills.  I guess they can buy a soda while they go home and paint.  I’m just happy they didn’t get anything of value.  Also happy I looked super pretty.

Car BurgledMiss Angie Selfie

After making some phone calls to the landlord and roommie regarding the issue, I headed up to Kristina’s house.  My ex was there (the big one I’ve talked about before) and it was surprisingly not that weird.  It was sooooo good to see his kiddos, who hugged me tight and told me how much they missed me; and he and I even managed to have a conversation that was more than just “polite toleration.”  He left early on though, and I hung out with Kristina and her family, and a bunch of other friends and family that had come on by.  We played games, drank, and totally pigged out on pizza and junk food (bad!)  Plus I got to love on their dog, who is the best dog ever.

Kristi cuddling with the babyBaby KatCourtney Playing with the BabySleepy KayleeMillie - The Best Dog EverMillie - The Best Dog Ever
Ken & Kristina's BedMillie - The Best Dog Ever

Sunday morning I couldn’t stay long, I headed home to show and get ready to head out to my Aunt & Uncle’s vow renewal.  They’ve been married for 36 years (together for 39) and she has terminal cancer everywhere, so they decided to renew their vows.  It was a really good time hanging out with my family (I missed the actual ceremony-what wedding actually starts on time?  I was only 15 minutes late! lol) and see some cousins I don’t see very often.  There was some sad stuff, but we’ll focus on the happiness today.

Aunt Val's Vow Renewal
Aunt Val and Uncle Dan dancing after their vow renewal.
Mom & Dad with Aunt ValMom & Dad with Aunt Val
My mom and dad with my Aunt Val.
Aunt Val and my DaddyThe Family at Aunt Val's Ryan and MyahRedneck Wedding

Other things I’m happy about this week:

Kate, a friend of mine from the nail polish groups on Facebook, begged me to let her have my very first nail polish art.  She traded me some pretty polishes for it, and when she got it she took it to get professionally framed-it looks so beautiful!  I am in love with what she did with it!

Nail Polish ArtNail Polish Art

Look at this happy mail from last week!  Gorgeous print from Painting Bliss, On the Ground Floor & Wedonistas from Teresa Jusino (one of the authors featured), Life is Good Tshirt from the amazing Janna (which was a total surprise RAOK), my autographed copy of Gracefully by Eric Himan, piCture pOlish Jade & samples from a Kris in the nail polish group!

Dia de los Muertos Kitty Print by Painting BlissHappy Mail

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  • jessica

    ok so i know exactly how you are feeling on the whole friendship thing! it's exactly how i am feeling, too. i have a few of my close friends who've been doing stuff together but i get no invite. and sometimes they will have planned stuff and when i text them to hang out, they'll be like oh we are all going out to eat, you should come, too. like why wasn't i invited in the first place? i mean would they really have invited me if i didn't text them first? i thought we were all close but it's not really seeming that way. so this past weekend when it happened again i decided to do exactly what you are doing. re-connecting with friends i don't see as often. i have a good friend from high school, and we kinda grew apart this past year, i reached out to her and made plans for next week. so just so you know, i totally understand and know exactly how it feels to be ignored by your friends. it blows. but it did give me the push to reach out to her, when i probably would've waited around for her to reach out to me.

  • Aubrey S.

    I'm sorry you have some friends that are acting that way. Unfortunately, we do just drift apart sometimes. But it sounds like you had a lot of fun anyway. And you did look gorgeous on Saturday!

    Glad you had a good time with your family on Sunday.

  • Theresa Sutton

    Sorry your friends are acting that way. I touch on something similar not to long ago. The thing with relationships is some are seasonal. Sometimes they are there for a reason, and sometimes if you're lucky, they're there for life. The trick is being able to figure out which category the belong in.

    I'm also sorry about the car. That's never fun :(

    Hopefully your days will get better in the upcoming week. Sending you hugs and happy thoughts.

    p.s. love the nail polish art!


  • Luchessa Grossmann

    Your framed art looks wonderful, you did a really great job. You def should paint more. It's one of your strong sides, im very sure about it.

    About your aunt i already told you in the email. Big hugs and kudos to them to make this weekend to a great one for the whole family.

    xoxo, Luchessa.

  • Kenzie Smith

    I can totally relate to the whole friend thing. It really bugged me at first when my friends, but then I realized that the friends I do have that I am close with are absolutely amazing! Plus, I feel like sometimes people walk out of your life so that better people can walk in ;D
    Sounds like you had a busy weekend! So sorry about your car getting broken into, that's scary! So glad they didn't get anything that was too valuable.
    Glad you had a good time with your family also!

  • Holly Higgins

    That really stinks about your car! I'm glad nothing super valuable was taken.

  • Jo-Anne Meadows

    You know what I like about posts with lots of photos…….less reading…………more smiles

    Now your car what can I say other then that sucks……..I don't know how I would feel if it happened to me but I don't think I would have a good safe feeling………..let's be honest here who would…….

  • bj

    Aunt Val is adorable and looks so cute with her garter. I am so sorry she is so ill. I hope she and Dan enjoyed THEIR day.:)
    Over from Ricki….

  • Beth W

    Aunt Val found the best wedding outfit ever! :)

    I'm glad you're moving on…it hurts to lose people, but we always must look forward and move on, spending our energy where it's nurtured. And yay for not-awkward ex encounters.

  • Karen M. Peterson

    I'm sorry about the burglary. That just plain sucks.

    I'm also sorry about your aunt, but what a great thing for them to renew their vows. That must have been really special.

  • Ricki Jill Treleaven

    Aunt Val rocks out loud! You had a great weekend, and you look stunning in your photo! What a great pic. Sometimes when friends treat us crappily it gives us the opportunity to focus on the good ones. I had a similar situation the other day….I was thinking about a group of women who have been deliberately hateful to me and a couple of others, and I decided not to give them any more power over me and call a friend who stays out of drama and is always kind to everyone else.

    Sorry about your art supplies, but when I read about your car, my heart sank because that can be so scary and the important thing is you weren't hurt!

    Thanks for linking-up! I'm watching it rain, but at least nothing can burn around here (fireworks always scare me due to fire).

    Happy Fourth, Sweetie!